Training to Become a Certified Energy Therapist

(Excerpt from our course plan)

In the final analysis, any healing method is no better than the therapists that practice it. Also, the application of Psychosomatic Energetics turns out to require considerably more know-how than was initially thought. It is for this reason that we have developed a set of uniform standards for training in Psychosomatic Energetics. Training takes place extra-occupationally, consisting of two whole-day seminars plus an intensive 5-day seminar. These courses should be attended on a regular basis (at least once a year) in order to acquire sufficient practical experience. At the beginning, each attendee receives an instruction pass (e.g. admission to the advanced seminar requires having attended the basic seminars as well as treatment of one’s own emotional themes; both courses are concluded with the intensive seminar).

Starting immediately, we will be training only people who are licensed to practice medicine, who are actively practicing their profession or who will be starting to do so soon (doctors, nonmedical practitioners, naturopathic psychotherapists, naturopaths). Those with different qualifications should ask the relevant authorities whether they are permitted to practice medicine, make diagnoses and perform therapy. If the official answer is yes, and can be proven, then these persons qualify for PSE training. Training is concluded with a written and oral examination (after the intensive seminar). The examinees must show that they can apply the most important concepts of Psychosomatic Energetics in clinical practice, after which they receive a “Certified Energy Therapist” certificate.

After training, certified energy therapists may voluntarily take additional training. For this, there are various working groups and the option of individualized instruction. At the moment, there are yearly specialists meetings in Germany . Plus, every year at the Baden-Baden Medizinische Woche [medical week], an entire Psychosomatic Energetics lecture day is organized, at which speakers report on work in their practice and pass on new findings and experiences. From now on, Rubimed AG will recommend only certified energy therapists on its Internet sites and in response to queries. We are in the process of applying for accreditation of “certified energy therapist” with the health insurance system so that patients can be reimbursed. However, this is only possible if certain specific standards are adhered to (training guidelines, clinical studies, etc.). The end result will be affordable therapy for significantly more people – and the individual therapist of course benefits as well.

Learn more about the Course and the educational Program of Psychosomatic Energetics: http://terra-medica.com/