New Book about Psychosomatic Energetics

New Vitality Through Energy Medicine

Author Dr.Reimar Banis, Paperback, 88 pages, 16 color pages, Publisher Books on Demand Norderstedt Germany

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Most people would like to be healthier and livelier, happier and more  resilient which is why these days there are so many promised panaceas, from vegan diets to Yoga.  As a naturopathically oriented general practitioner, I have noticed in my examination of patients that quite a few people have energy blocks, which is why it is impossible to make any real progress with the above-mentioned methods. In addition, these energy blocks act subliminally as sources of illness. This book describes practical ways to detect and eliminate these blocks with the aid of a new healing method: Psychosomatic Energetics. The method also helps one get to know oneself and others better.

Modern holistic medicine for energetic harmonization and for profound self-knowledge

How to be livelier and happier with the aid of modern energy medicine.

• How to identify one’s hidden energy thieves and rid oneself of them.

How to learn more about oneself so as to promote personal development and find one’s psychic center again.