New Book about Psychosomatic Energetics

New Vitality Through Energy Medicine

Author Dr.Reimar Banis, Paperback, 88 pages, 16 color pages, Publisher Books on Demand Norderstedt Germany

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Most people would like to be healthier and livelier, happier and more  resilient which is why these days there are so many promised panaceas, from vegan diets to Yoga.  As a naturopathically oriented general practitioner, I have noticed in my examination of patients that quite a few people have energy blocks, which is why it is impossible to make any real progress with the above-mentioned methods. In addition, these energy blocks act subliminally as sources of illness. This book describes practical ways to detect and eliminate these blocks with the aid of a new healing method: Psychosomatic Energetics. The method also helps one get to know oneself and others better.

Modern holistic medicine for energetic harmonization and for profound self-knowledge

How to be livelier and happier with the aid of modern energy medicine.

• How to identify one’s hidden energy thieves and rid oneself of them.

How to learn more about oneself so as to promote personal development and find one’s psychic center again.

Take Back Control when Anxiety, Stress and Depression Strike

Public lecture of Dr.Banis and Dr.Holschuh Lorang Thurs, June 19th 2014 Holiday Inn – 711 W Broadway in Vancouver B.C.. The one hour speech is an excellent introduction into Psychosomatic Energetics.

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Nobel laureate gives homeopathy a boost

French virologist Luc Montagnier stunned his colleagues at a prestigious international conference when he presented a new method for detecting viral infections that bore close parallels to the basic tenets of homeopathy.Montagnier told the conference last week that solutions containing the DNA of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including HIV, "could emit low frequency radio waves" that induced surrounding water molecules to become arranged into "nanostructures".

These water molecules, he said, could also emit radio waves. He suggested water could retain such properties even after the original solutions were massively diluted, to the point where the original DNA had effectively vanished. In this way, he suggested, water could retain the "memory" of substances with which it had been in contact -- and doctors could use the emissions to detect disease.


A word to critics of homeopathy

Out of an an abstract of a recent article: "Though in use for over 200 years, and still benefiting millions of people worldwide today, homeopathy is currently under continuous attacks for being “unscientific.” The reasons for this can be understood in terms of what might be called a “New Fundamentalism,” emanating particularly but not exclusively from within biomedicine, and supported in some sections of the media...

New Fundamentalism’s hallmarks include the denial of evidence for the efficacy of any therapeutic modality that cannot be consistently “proven” using double-blind, randomized controlled trials. It excludes explanations of homeopathy’s efficacy; ignores, excoriates, or considers current research data supporting those explanations incomprehensible, particularly from outside biomedicine: it is also not averse to using experimental bias, hearsay, and innuendo in order to discredit homeopathy. Thus, New Fundamentalism is itself unscientific. This may have consequences in the future for how practitioners, researchers, and patients of homeopathy/complementary and alternative medicine engage and negotiate with primary health care systems."

from: Homeopathy and the New Fundamentalism:
A Critique of the Critics; LIONEL R. MILGROM, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., M.A.R.H. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Volume: 14, Number: 5 Jun 2008

Kinesiology can be effective

In a recent small Austrian study Kinesiology was effective to foresee therapeutic effects. As Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) uses Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool this is also a positive statement for PSE.

See: Study about kinesiology

Thanks for the memory

Experiments have backed what was once a scientific 'heresy', says Lionel MilgromGuardian Thursday March 15, 2001About homeopathy, Professor Madeleine Ennis of Queen's University Belfast is, like most scientists, deeply sceptical.

That a medicinal compound diluted out of existence should still exert a therapeutic effect is an affront to conventional biochemistry and pharmacology, based as they are on direct and palpable molecular events. The same goes for a possible explanation of how homoeopathy works: that water somehow retains a "memory" of things once dissolved in it. This last notion, famously promoted by French biologist Dr Jacques Benveniste, cost him his laboratories, his funding, and ultimately his international scientific credibility. However, it did not deter Professor Ennis who, being a scientist, was not afraid to try to prove Benveniste wrong. So, more than a decade after Benveniste's excommunication from the scientific mainstream, she jumped at the chance to join a large pan-European research team, hoping finally to lay the Benveniste "heresy" to rest. But she was in for a shock: for the team's latest results controversially now suggest that Benveniste might have been right all along. Source:,4273,4152521,00.htm