Conditions for Therapy

Conditions for Therapy, Cost, Duration

PSE is applied as an adjuvant (supplement) to standard mainstream medicine and psychology. Therefore, it cannot replace these proven procedures diagnostically nor therapeutically. A prior or parallel thorough clarification of symptoms with the aid of conventional methods (lab tests, x-rays etc.) is absolutely recommended. Necessary mainstream-medicine therapies can be continued during PSE therapy.

The patient needs to be patient, since PSE therapy takes 8 to 12 months or more of treatment time in over 90% of cases. The medication costs run to about $200-$250 yearly. PSE medications cannot be resonated with other carriers nor be computerized. The therapy cannot be accelerated, since the subconsciously unfolding emotional maturation steps take time.

Certified Energy Therapists

PSE is performed by specially trained "Certified Energy Therapists", including physicians from various specialties such as dentists, naturopaths, naturopathic physicians, psychologists and pharmacists. These therapists have had years of intensive in-service training and have committed to continuing training. One should allow oneself to be treated as a patient only by these well-trained experts in PSE.

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