Therapist Training Seminar

Rubimed™ is a revolutionary natural healing modality from Europe that combines ancient healing knowledge with modern complementary medicine and psychology. Introduced into North America over a decade ago, the Rubimed™ remedies have been clinically proven to resolve negative health effects of psychological trauma, anxiety and stress.

Level I

Join more than 2,750 practitioners worldwide experiencing an 87% success rate for:

  • anxiety
  • adrenal burnout
  • sleep disorders
  • hormonal disorders
  • depression
  • behavioural disorders
  • stress
  • pain
  • allergies
  • respiratory conditions
  • autonomic dysfunction
  • skin conditions

This one-day intensive seminar is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on participation, where seminar participants will learn all the basics required to incorporate Rubimed therapy into their daily practice and enhance patient care.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The connection between subconscious emotional conflicts and successful treatment of recurring chronic conditions (including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addiction, pain, OCD and ADD spectrums, and functional biology).
  • Hands-on operation of both applied kinesiology using the Basic Test Kit and the REBA Test Device to identify energy blocks, emotional conflicts, geopathic stress, and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dysfunctions.
  • How to successfully use the Rubimed combination homeopathic remedies
    to resolve emotional issues and the related physical symptoms.
  • Understanding, identifying and overcoming geopathic stress
  • Acute conditions (anxiety, stress and nervous tension) and their resolution.


Level II

This two-day advanced seminar enables practitioners to take Rubimed therapy to the next level and demonstrate how to broaden their practice using this therapy. A critical component of this seminar is an open dialogue among practitioners to share their experiences, exchange views and evaluate current testing methods and procedures.

In this seminar you will learn: 

  • The four main character types (schizoid, depressive, rigid and hysteric) and how they relate and can expand your patient care.
  • How to identify the Central Conflict.
  • Use of the Zoological (Organ) test kit for testing organ functionality, milieu stresses and focal infections.
  • Complete use of the other test vials in the Reba test kit (lactic acid, sulfur vials).
  • Live case demonstration showing the full range of advanced testing techniques.
  • Additional patient testing applications including:
    • Intracellular acidity
    • Allergy and food sensitivity testing
    • Supplement compatibility
    • Focal infections
    • ANS dysfunction


Level III

This level covers the role of the emotional conflicts, central conflict and character types in degenerative chronic conditions, psychiatric illness and cancer. Advanced testing techniques and clinical recommendations are reviewed, and examinations are conducted.

Course prerequisites:

  • Completion of Rubimed Therapist Training Level 2
  • Minimum 25 patient tests with follow-up
  • Working knowledge of the RebaPad or Reba Device

As a three-day advanced seminar, it will emphasize Reba® testing demonstrations and techniques, sharing of practitioner experience using Rubimed therapy and clinical recommendations for ease of patient care and maintenance. Ample time for testing and discussion with peers will be given.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Advanced theory and how to use Character typing and the Central Conflict in practice.
  • Review of patient testing with advanced testing techniques, including allergies.
  • How to explain findings to the patient, with recommendation from practical experience.
  • Overview of the Zoological (organ) test kit from a theoretical basis, including advice from clinical experience.
  • Psychiatric and other chronic diseases – differential diagnosis and how Rubimed therapy is effective in these cases.
  • The spiritual dimension of PSE.

Upon successful completion of Rubimed Therapist Training Level 3, including passing the written and practical examination, practitioners will be granted the title of ‘Certified Energy Therapist’.


Training to Become a Certified Energy Therapist

What is Rubimed (PSE) Therapy?

Rubimed is a revolutionary natural healing modality from Europe that combines ancient healing knowledge with modern complementary medicine and psychology, introduced into North America nearly two decades ago. 

Fundamental understanding of Rubimed and Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) is derived from the knowledge that a harmonious and free-flowing energy system is important for mental, emotional and physical health. Decades of research lead German physician, Dr. Reimar Banis, to develop technology that can be utilized in a clinical setting to identify the draining energetic influences and emotional conflicts that are believe to be causal in disease. The appropriate Rubimed therapy serves to resolve the depleting energetic influences and begins a holistic self-healing process.

Experience the success of this family of natural remedies for emotional issues.

Become a Rubimed 'Certified Energy Therapist'

Public interest in Rubimed (PSE) Therapy is growing and practitioners all over the world are discovering this powerful modality. Now is the time to become a Rubimed "Certified Energy Therapist".

Rubimed Therapy is one of the few modern complementary-medicine procedures which adheres to standardized instructional content, is subject to external quality control and includes high-grade international training.

The process to become a Rubimed ‘Certified Energy Therapist’ includes completion of Rubimed Therapist Training Level I, II and III. Successful completion of Level III, including passing the written and practical testing examinations, will award you with the title of ‘Certified Energy Therapist’. In addition, your name will be posted under the practitioner section on the Rubimed and Biomed websites.


Learn more about the Course and the educational Program of Psychosomatic Energetics: www.biomedicine.com