What is Psychosomatic Energetics?

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE: Psyche = mind, Soma = body, Energetics = energy) is a complementary-medicine method developed by the German general-medicine physician Dr. Reimar Banis.

PSE arose from the realization that many complaints and serious illnesses are due to subconscious emotional disorders which manifest themselves in the body and in the subtle energy field. After many years of observation and research, the method was introduced in 1997. PSE is now being applied in more than 20 countries around the world, and is considered to be one of the leading complementary-medicine procedures.

According to Indian Yoga and Chinese acupuncture, an adequate strong and harmonious flow of life energy is crucial for the maintenance of health and for overall well-being. With the aid of the REBA® Test Device which performs energy testing, overall (Vital), Emotional, Mental and intuitive (Causal) energy can be tested and thereby made visible. The goal of the technique is to normalize the patients energy levels by dissolving the energy blocks which are largely caused by emotional conflicts.
The PSE viewpoint is, primarily, that repressed emotional traumas (conflicts) store away much life energy and thereby hinder its flow. In PSE, the emotional injuries are subdivided into 28 themes designated as conflicts. All people have suffered personal injury at some point in their lives – whether they remember it or not. Many traumas have only been partially processed, and some of them live on more or less subconsciously. They influence our behavior, put a brake on our growth and/or are a burden on our health.

Homeopathic compound remedies are used to diagnose and treat the conflicts. The compounds consist of mineral and vegetable substances, as well as animal organ components in homeopathic form. In the experience of PSE, these remedies are able to release energies which the subconscious emotional conflicts have stored in the subconscious and are thus no longer accessible, and, over a period of weeks and months, to dissolve them. In this manner, the bound-up energy is once again available to the patient.

PSE is a special form of homeopathy, which is why the homeopathic vibrations of the PSE medications work differently than classical homeopathy. The high potentiations of the PSE compounds are necessary in order to address the various conflict levels energetically and dissolve them through resonance. Since the homeopathic compounds of the PSE medications are completely frequency absorbed by the conflict, no homeopathic drug pictures are generated by their use in PSE.