REBA – instrument de test


For the exact measurement of the different human energy levelsRebaTestgeraet Registered Medical device Class IIa in the European Union

What is the Reba-TestDevice good for?Quick and precise Overview of the psychosomatic status:How much vitality has the patient? How blocked is he emotionaly?How conscious is he? How open is his deep unconsciousness?Which main mental conflict has the patient? Where is this conflict?How big, emotionaly packed, conscious and automatic is the conflict?What happens during the healing process (therapy supervising)? Overview of the FunktionsBasis FunctionsA Polyfrequency-spektrum (PFS) is divided into four ranges and is transmitted to the patient via hand probe or via medicament vial probe; the four ranges correspond with the four energy levels of the patient
A magnetic field with mikrocurrents acts as the main energy of transmission
Synchronisation with the EEG: Energetic Levels according to Banis /Dieter Jossner

From Yoga-Traditions four energy levels are known. They correspond to the four frequency ranges of the brain currents (EEG) : the etheric- or Vitaly-level corresponds to the Delta-frequencies (1-3.5 Hz) of Trance and deep sleep, the emotional-layer to the Theta-Frequencies (3.5-7 Hz) where dreams and phantasies occur, the Mental-layer to the Alphafrequencies (7-14 Hz), which can be found during relaxed attention, the causal-plane to the Betafrequencies (14-30 Hz), which are symptoms of a very active and stressed brain with very high activity and arousal.The Reba-Testdevice produces resonance effects with the four energy levels of the patient. The more a certain layer is blocked (typically caused by subconscious emotional conflicts) the smaller becomes the range of the frequencies which can be measured. The total range of the blocked layer shrinks. During the ongoing of the healing process the range gets normal again.

The reba test machine is no medical product and isn`t appropriate for medical purpose. The reba test machine can tell something about the human subtle energy-field. Since this energy- field has no scientific proof, you can`t derive any kind of diagnosis from the machine`s readings. The reba test machine doesn`t serve any therapeutic means, either.

Construction/Additional Stuff
The REBA -Testdevice uses modern microprocessor technology and saves all the measurements of one layer until another measurement is done. The construction is of highest quality to ensure that the machine last a very long time. The machine needs no care except cleaning (no alcohol) and can be used withoutany stop.Delivery with Basic-Testset, Manual, Power Supply (for 220 V D.C:), Spiralwire with connection to the patient, Banana Adapter for other Test devices and Handprobes
1 year guarantee