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An Overview for Non-Healthprofessionals
By D.Sc. Ulrike Banis, M.D. , March 1999A teaching of energy influence of soul and bodyEvery person is familiar with the fact that body and soul are in an inseparable relationship. This awareness is clearly displayed in proverbs, for example:- to set someon's teeth on edge
- to fill one's pants
- My heart is breaking from sorrow,
- mad as a hornet
- I got hot under the collarIf one contemplates further and takes into account that body has various functions, ones that we are unable to exert influence on by medicaments of our will - such as dreaming, bowel movement, blood pressure, bodily temperature, hunger - we can see very soon that in organism, apart from our voluntary management, there also act other energies which enable functioning of all the "gears" thereof.This automatic "management" station is called vegetative nervous system. It is present with its fibers in every bodily cell, and orders or impulses of vegetative management originate from nerve nodes, that is, in vegetative centers.The most important vegetative centers are located in pelvic region, as well as in lower abdomen, upper portion of stomach, in heart area, in throat region, and in regions of cerebellum and cerebrum. Each one of these centers has a commander role for a particular portion of a body. Functioning at all levels and mutual harmonic functioning is important for a person's healthy and vital feelings.As soon as difficulties in any of these centers occur, there might appear pains and feelings of unease in the respective portion of an organism, or there might occur difficulties of the overall state of human organism.What can possibly interfere with regular functioning of a vegetative nervous system?Let us revert to the above-mentioned proverbs and folk wisdom. Generally speaking, it is the "unresolved" feelings that act as sand inside the fine mechanism of "gears" of the entire organism.Latent mental problems hinder normal course of vegetative functionsReimar Banis, M.D. and D.Sci. Ulrike Banis, M.D. have developed a system by medicaments of which, for the first time, mental problems' strength can be measured. This way a conflict is for the first time identified, named and, thus, it becomes familiar to a patient as a problem. (REBA Testing Device.) The homeopathic drops that they have developed ("Emotional preparations" and Chakra preparations) help the patient "burn out" the conflicts within himself, and to regain more vitality and good mood.The system functions according to resonance principle. Only homogeneous vibrations can react mutually.At the FIRST LEVEL of testing, one measures the patient's vibrations that enable information on vital energy at bodily level, i.e. to what extent does a patient feel fit and vital or rather sluggish, worn out and tired.The SECOND LEVEL OF TESTING leads to a conclusion and awareness of emotional sensitivity of a patient, that is, it reveals to what extent is the patient's good mood endangered. The background of this is the idea that vital energy of a patient can not disappear and go into NOTHING if the patient feels bad, but rather that the conflict nourishes upon that vital energy of the patient. It follows therefrom that the poorer a patient feels the conflict becomes stronger, and this we were able to prove in all the testing cases.In the next stage the patient is tested by medicaments of test ampulas for various vegetative centers, and the results are mutually compared to discover at what level in the body the conflict has been detained, that is, which of the vegetative functions are thereby blocked or have hindrances. Certain conflicts apply to each of the levels, there are 28 of them, and they are a result of multiannual research and testing.
Each patient, however, needs not be tested for all of the 28 conflicts, as this would first of all be time-consuming and burdensome for the patient. So now, only those conflicts are tested which correspond to a weakened vegetative center.
This way a therapist, who has been trained to a certain extent through his practice, is within ten minutes at most capable of reaching a central conflict, the one that is exactly current and inhibiting for the patient.
Now the conflicts have not only a vegetative sorting, but in addition there also exists a substance for testing of each of the individual conflicts within the field of a vegetative center. (For example, the conflict under Emvita 10 - to be desirous of having more.)
This testing substance is introduced into the patient's energy field, for example by placing it into the patient's hand, and the patient is then retested at all the levels.
THE TESTING SUBSTANCE ON THIS OCCASION NEUTRALIZES THE PATIENT'S ENERGY AND ENABLES MEASURING OF THE CONFLICT ENERGY.At the level of vitality one can show to what extent a conflict takes away vital energy from the patient.
At the level of emotionality one can observe to what degree theconflict has an emotional charge.
At the mental level one can show how much is the patient already aware of the conflict.
At the causal level one can show how persistent and repeating the conflict may be.On basis of these data a therapist can then establish a treatment plan for a patient, whether in form of further exploratory conversations or in form of physical treatments - for example, breathing exercises, yoga, massage, or even prescribing of drops for the respective vegetative center (Chavitas) and the respective emotional conflict (Emvitas).
By way of measureability of conflicts at their various levels it is for the first time possible to examine whether a chosen therapy contributes to diminishing of a conflict or not.Example
The case of patient L.W.
L.W. is a charming and leading banking clerk (a lady), considerably overweight and suffering from all the consequences deriving therefrom (such as high blood pressure, difficulties in burning the fat, pains in the back, short breath, fat and swollen feet).
She complains of a constant fatigue, tension, stress, inability to relax, feeling of overload in her profession, and says that losing of weight and finding a measure comes hard on her.
In testing, personal values of 90%/30% were detected.
Therefore, the patient is a person of high percentage of vital energy (90%), whose emotional values, however, are very low (30%).
In testing of the vegetative centers a blockade was detected in thecenter of upper abdomen (solar plexus). The corresponding conflict was covered by Emvita 9 (to explode, accumulated anger).
By medicaments of testing of the conflicts the following values weredetermined: 30%/40%/10%/60%.
The conflict takes away from the patient very little of his vital energy (30%), she has an emotional charge of medium value (40%) which the patient is completely unaware of (10%) and which is very durable (60%).
In conversation the patient understands very fast that she keeps "swallowing" every sign of disagreement instead of displaying her protest openly. She also states that she can not scream, not even when she is alone in a car or in a forest. Instead she often crams the food down her throat when in fact she becomes angry, sad or overexhausted from work.I proposed that she should take the Chavita 3 (for vegetative solar plexus) and Emvita 9 (for the conflict) medicines. I also begged her to say "no" occasionally, just for the sake of joking, and to eat when she really becomes hungry.After three months I saw her once again. She has lost 6 kilos in the meantime, she appeared to be much more cheerful, and she told me that she was already successful in convincing her boss to give her a raise for the overtime work, that she talked to her colleagues and reported them for liability when they would reproach her doing their portion of job.
The conflict did not show in a repeated testing.
The high pressure values have improved, and so have the blood pictureresults, whereas even the back pains have diminished.Conclusion
The patients displaying difficulties in their physical and mental fields could be instantly and quickly helped to an effective extent, and they might recover more vitality and life joy by medicaments of the new method of testing of latent mental conflicts, using a Reba testing device.
Therapists are in position to directly measure and read, as well as control their methods and steps in Ulrike Banis, M.D.
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