The remedies for Psychosomatic Energetics are homoeopathic preparations (complex remedies with very high potencies). All details on indications and qualities are based on the knowledge of the homoeopathic therapy which result from the respective individual components of the complex preparations.

Emotional remedies - Emvita ™
28 newly developed homoeopathic complex remedies (Emvita) are available. They are used to treat different emotional conflicts.

Chakra remedies - Chavita ™
The Chakra remedies are used to harmonize the 7 vegetative control centres (which are assigned traditionally to the so-called Chakras).

Geopathie drops - Geovita ™
For the treatment of geopathic stress and energetic stabilisation.

Neurovita, Anxiovita, Paravita, Simvita ™
Four homoeopathic complexes for the treatment of nervous tension (Neurovita), states of panic (Anxiovita) and to harmonize the vegetative nervous system (Paravita and Simvita).

*Emvita, Chavita, Geovita, Neurovita, Anxiovita, Paravita, are Simvita drugs to be given by a pharmacist. (50 ml of drip bottles in violet glass)

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